Equipment Procurement

A security system is not just some kit, or operators and guards but a combination of all:

  • equipment
  • people
  • procedures

No single component is significantly more important than the other. Therefore the management, blending and review of the system should be proactive and ongoing.

To date, the physical security market (equipment and guards) has been biased towards the supplier, but by adopting an intergrated appoach based on good practices, the customer will benefit. Many current systems in South Africa can be classed as "bum" systems. The wrong system is bought for the job, the systems not used the correct way and is often maintained wrongly.

There is a tendency amongst users of security equipment to think of the procurement process as linear sequence of actions. culminating in the installation and operation of the system. This tends in turn to lead to the "fix and forget" mentality, which tends not to recognize the need for ongoing activity, such as maintence, testing and audit. In order to stress the continuing nature of the process, it has been found that it is convenient to show the processes and documents in the form of a cycle

equipment procurement