Detection and Delay

There are a range of products on the world market specifically designed for long distance systems. Problems are that the selection of products is often not done for the Operational Requirement but to suit the product.

Examples of these are:

  • A sensor cable requires a sturdy fence to eliminate false alarms
  • Electrified Fences require Razor wire to increase the physical aspects of the structure 
  • Buried Sensors require ground preparation

Razor wire barriers

Razor wire barriers offer:Razorwire

  • Demarcation

These can also be movable if required 

  • Delay

The width, density and shock level of the barrier increase delay

  • Deterrent

High level of pedestrians, lower for vehicles 


Mesh fences

Mesh fences offer:Mesh fencingMesh fencing2

  • Demarcation
  • Delay

A limited delay depending on gauge of the wire and securing to the ground 






Radar systems offer:Radar

  • Detection
  • Long range, target identity
  • Fully network compliant communication architecture with TCP/IP addressing
  • It has built-in cammera protocols to automatically point cammera's at detected intruders
  • It operates at in -40 to +70 deg C temperatures.
  • It is fully sealed, so neither dust nor weather can enter and damage components.
  • It spins 360 degree in azimuth and tilts -30 to 110 degrees in elevation
  • It operates on land, water, and on beaches, ports, and harbours. 



Infra red/Microwave

Combined infra-red/microwave offer:Infra red

  • Detection

Short range, line of sight











Seismic and Buried Systems

Seismic and buried systems offer:Seismic-and-buried-systems

  • Detection

If attached to a mesh fence or buried, movement is detected